bird is fit

some chick doing squats.





It seems pretty much impossible for me to make updates on the weekend at this point... I know it's Tuesday but this is the start of my week.

Good news though... I found Jesus... on my tortilla.


error e74

My 360 just failed on me. This is the 3rd one in the past year and a half. Feels bad man. Found a manual for fixing the internals online. Going to give it a try tomorrow. Wish me luck.



dat face pt. 3

Sorry for falling behind on updates the past few days but I'm here to make it up to you now.  I present to you this beautiful woman on a beach who seems to be having a bad day.


dear philly fans

what gives? I watched you boo mcnabb for years as he led your team to numerous successful seasons. Then you give him a standing ovation today as he returned to the field as a washington redskin.


You are supposed to be hardcore. That was not hardcore. There will be no redemption for you. If you do not embrace your cold-hearted ways of the past then you will be forgotten... and nobody wants that.

philly's washington's greatest quarterback


angry obama.

what's the deal with Obama never looking pissed? There is like one picture on all the internets of him with even the slightest bit of a frown. Even Obama Hulk doesn't get mad. What gives?

here's some more OC (original content) for you guys. Enjoy.

new look + 100 followers

We just hit 100 followers! So, I'm starting to work on getting a decent look for this blog. You will probably see quite a few changes over the next few days. If you see anything off or have suggestions feel free to comment.

Thank you all for your support.

random sh*t (100% oc)